Need Help : Connecting a Tahoe 230 under Linux

Justin "Rhys Thuryn" McNutt
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 19:31:58 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Gilles Lorphelin wrote:

> 	I use Linux Box 2.1 and i try to get an SCSI Optical Drive Tahoe 230
> from Pinnacle
> 	working .
> 	At boot Time , it is not recognize.
> 	Do I need a special driver with it ? 	

No.  If I'm correct, this optical drive (similar to the phase drives) can
read both the special MO cartridges and regular CD-ROMs.  What you need to
do is recompile your kernel, and in the SCSI section, answer "yes" to
"Probe all LUNs on SCSI device?".  The reason is Linux will find your MO
and call it /dev/sdx AND /dev/scdx (one pseudo-hard drive and one CD-ROM).
One of those devices is LUN 0 and the other is LUN 1, which is why you
need Linux to probe all LUNs.

Of course, you need to compile in SCSI hard drive support and SCSI CD-ROM
support.  I don't know if you need SCSI generic support, because I've
never tried my PD drive without it, but it isn't exactly a gigantic
driver, so just throw it in too.  Compile it as a module and find out (I
don't think you need it).


Compile your kernel with "Probe all LUNs", "SCSI Hard drive support", and
"SCSI CD-ROM support".  Then it should work.

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