hfs_fs 0.7 is released!

Paul H. Hargrove hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 07:17:14 -0700 (PDT)

I am pleased to announce that version 0.7 of hfs_fs is now available
for immediate download from the HFS for Linux Page at

It is also available (or soon will be) from Sunsite (and its many
mirrors) in <ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/ALPHA/hfs/>.

hfs_fs 0.7 is a kernel loadable module implementing the Macintosh HFS
filesystem for Linux kernel versions 2.0.1 and newer.  Note that it is
for local media only; it is not a AppleShare client.

For those of you running AppleShare servers on your Linux machine
(Netatalk or CAP), this software is a perfect way to mount Macintosh
CDROMs on your Linux machine for export to your Macs.

hfs_fs is not yet fully writable but is nearly so.  If you consider
only the data fork of files, then hfs_fs is now as capable as the
MSDOS or VFAT filesystems:

  You CAN:
  +  Create, delete and rename directories and data forks of files with
     the caveat that names are case insensitive (so foo and Foo are the
     same file or directory).
  +  Run Linux executables or shared libraries on an HFS disk if they
     are stored in the data fork of a file.
  +  Read both forks of files and the Finder's metadata of files and
  +  Write, truncate and mmap data forks of files (and the resource fork
     if the filesystem is mounted with the fork=cap option).
  +  Toggle the 'w' permission bits (as a group) of data forks.
  +  Change the m_time of files and directories.

  You CANNOT (yet):
  -  Write or truncate resource forks of files unless the filesystem
     is mounted with the fork=cap option.
  -  Write or truncate the Finder's metadata.

The LSM entry for this package is:
Title:		hfs_fs
Version:	0.7
Entered-Date:	30AUG1996
Description:	Source for a kernel loadable module implementing the
		Macintosh HFS filesystem for kernels 2.0.1 and newer.
		This is not an AppleShare client.
Author:		hargrove@sccm.Stanford.EDU (Paul H. Hargrove)
Primary-Site:	http://www-sccm.Stanford.EDU/~hargrove/HFS/
		146030 bytes hfs_fs-0.7.tar.gz
Alternate-Site:	ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/ALPHA/hfs/
		146030 bytes hfs_fs-0.7.tar.gz
Copying-Policy:	GPL
Keywords:	HFS macintosh filesystem kernel module

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