Pre0.7-5 release of HFS module for Linux

Paul H. Hargrove
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 18:19:29 -0700 (PDT)

I hope to have an official 0.7 release of my HFS module by the end of
the month.  However, in order to do that I need people to help test it
out.  There is now a pre0.7-5 version available from the HFS for Linux
web page: <>.

This release requires Linux kernel version 2.0.1 or newer.

This is the 13Aug96 snapshot fixed for the rename() interface in the
newer kernels plus metadata for the root directory under CAP and
AppleDouble, (untested) support for old Mac Plus partition tables and
some minor internal changes.

List of key features present in 0.7 that were missing in 0.6:
	Fully writable directories and data forks.
	Fully writable resource forks with "fork=cap" mount option.
	Supports both old- and new-style Mac partition tables.

Key features that will still be missing in 0.7:
	Fully writable resource forks and Finder metadata.
	Support for devices not allowing 512-byte blocks.
	AppleSingle support.
	Portability to the DEC Alpha. (due to unaligned accesses)

Please test this release out if you can and let me know how it works
for you.  I want to hear both positive and negative reports, since the
positive ones let me know the software is getting tested.  Once again,
the more positive reports I get from testers the sooner I will make an
official 0.7 release available.
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