new hfstools command : hdisk?

Stefan Reinauer
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 14:57:36 +0200

Justin "Rhys Thuryn" McNutt wrote:

> They don't need to be implemented anywhere.  The partitions are named when
> you name the device files, which could be named anything you want.  I
> could make /dev/harddrive1 point to device 8, 0 (/dev/sda normally).  If
> the utilities that manipulate device are written correctly (fdisk), the
> partitions should show up as:

Yes, it should show up as this. But only, if the Kernel (Or mk) can
understand the way how partitions are written to disk. (Partition Tabke
Format). I came in contact with this stuff, when I tried to use a
RDB-Harddisk from an Amiga 68k in my P100 System. Linux recognized
/dev/hdc but not /dev/hdc1,hdc2,hdc3.

> /dev/harddrive11
> /dev/harddrive12
> /dev/harddrive13


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