Resource forks

Rob Leslie
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 18:24:51 -0400

> However, having looked at several resource forks, it seems to me that
> they don't quite follow the layout in "Inside Macintosh". According to
> the specification, the header of a resource fork contains an offset to
> the beginning of a resource map, but in all resource forks I've
> examined, the resource map start a few bytes beyond that offset. The
> difference ranges from one byte to perhaps 80 bytes or so, but I still
> haven't found a single file where the offset was correct. There seems to
> be no way to predict where the resource map really starts. Although it
> is easy to find it by hand with some educated guesses, I wouldn't like
> to write any code based on guesswork.

Offhand, my only suggestion is to be sure you're reading the map offset as an
integer in big-endian format. If you're running OS/2 on an Intel box you'll
have to do an explicit conversion from little-endian.

That's my only immediate suggestion. If you're doing this already, there is
probably something else going on.

Robert Leslie