new hfstools command : hdisk?

Stefan Reinauer
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 10:49:56 +0200

Nick STEPHEN wrote:
> One of the things missing from mklinux right now that we're looking at
> ways to implement is the equivalent of 'fdisk'. The major utilisation
> for this would be to display the partition table for disk that is
> already formatted in order to get the partition names and types for
> mounting or hmounting, although the ability to change partition
> names/types/sizes would also be useful.
Hmm.. I am just now writing an fdisk for Linux/68k on Amiga. If I get
information about it, I also could try one for Mac.
> Partition naming is O/S dependent, so the hfstools might require some
> knowledge about the O/S partition naming scheme. For information,
> mklinux uses standard linux device names, ie. /dev/sd followed by scsi
> device (a-h map to device ID 0-7) then partition number (0 is raw
> disk, 1 is hfs partition map, 2 is (often) a driver partition, 3 is
> (often) the first hfs partition, etc).
> eg : /dev/sdc3 is scsi device 2 partition number 3.

hfstools do not need about partition naming scheme. This needs
to be implemented into the kernel, I think.

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