new hfstools command : hdisk?

Mon, 29 Jul 96 19:58:22 +0200

One of the things missing from mklinux right now that we're looking at
ways to implement is the equivalent of 'fdisk'. The major utilisation
for this would be to display the partition table for disk that is
already formatted in order to get the partition names and types for
mounting or hmounting, although the ability to change partition
names/types/sizes would also be useful.

Would this be something appropriate for the hfstools? I notice that
much of the library code necessary to scan the partition table is
already in place, could a new command (or an option to hmount or hvol)
easily use this to display the partition information?

Partition naming is O/S dependent, so the hfstools might require some
knowledge about the O/S partition naming scheme. For information,
mklinux uses standard linux device names, ie. /dev/sd followed by scsi
device (a-h map to device ID 0-7) then partition number (0 is raw
disk, 1 is hfs partition map, 2 is (often) a driver partition, 3 is
(often) the first hfs partition, etc).

eg : /dev/sdc3 is scsi device 2 partition number 3.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? :-)

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