hfs.o / burning hfs cdroms

hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 03:08:04 +0200 (MET DST)

I hope I'm not off-topic for this list. I think the hfs filesystem
and hfs-utils mailing lists got merged?

I have a problem with the hfs.o Linux kernel module: after compiling it
successfully, I get a bunch of unresolved symbols when I want to 'insmod'
I tried the latest stable version (hfs_fs_0.6.tar.gz) and the current
snapshot. This happens with linux-pre-2.whatever compiled as a.out on a
a.out only system. Modules are 1.1.87.

I would also like to burn hybrid CDs (ISO+HFS). I'm now using the X-CD-Roast
package from Thomas Niederreiter (tn@mailserv.rz.fh-muenchen.de), which
turns CD burning on Linux into a simple point-and-click procedure. It seems
to me that one could modify the X-CD-Roast interface in order to let it
recognize and write hfs partitions. I was wondering if someone has ever
thought about it before?

Thanks in advance,