hdir command, and mklinux usage of hfsutils

Nick STEPHEN stephen@gr.osf.org (Nick Stephen)
Wed, 29 May 96 09:42:03 +0200

We shipped hfsutils-1.10b-1 on the mklinux DR1 CDROM, and it has been
used by a lot of people in order to copy various tar files from their
CDROM/harddrive over from the Mac world into the world of Unix and
MkLinux. Much kudos to Rob for this work!

We've had just one person (to my knowledge) reporting a corrupted
MacOS partition when using hcopy to the MacOS disk, although he said
that Norton recovered the disk fine. I've asked him to try and post
details to Rob. Is it possible that, on an already corrupted disk,
hcopy corrupts things more dramatically?

I've used it a lot to install large binary files in my MacOS system
folder (our microkernel currently lives on the MacOS partition) and
never had a problem thus far.

Unfortunately we didn't get tcl/tk together until after the CDROM was
cut but we were also able to demo xhfs at the WWDC conference, copying
files to and from the Mac's disk and copying from a Mac CDROM. This
went down very well with the public.

A couple of ideas:

I have felt limited by the lack of command line options to hdir. Would
it be possible to reuse the exoskeleton of 'ls' but change the
internals to access the hfs directories? This would be much more
powerful for shellscripts. Just because mdir is broken doesn't mean
that hdir should be! I have ended up doing the below several times:

hdir | awk '{print $9}' | while read i ; do OPERATION; done

I realise that the wildcarding will help a lot for the hcopies, but if
I want to hcopy AND, for example, extract each tar archive, then I'm
still limited with only wildcarding.

Oh, and it'd be more complete if the hfstools could read CDROMs which
have a 'soft' block size other than that of 512 bytes, such as the
System 7 install CDROMs which have a 2K blocksize. Don't worry, it's
not very urgent - MkLinux can't read their partition tables either
just yet :)

Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work!

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