[mad-user] Audigy

Roj rojramsey@hotmail.com
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 07:24:32 -0500

I didn't bother with it.

I bought a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, which is a superior soundcard for pretty
much all of the target markets you positioned the Audigy for (with the
possible exception of 5.1 surround sound *gaming*), has better drivers (not
to mention a better record of driver support) and costs less.

Where I come from, that's called a better product.


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> Funny, how this list comes to live when a topic like Creative pops up
> :-)
> The Audigy is not capable of playing back 24 Bit - But we never
> positioned
> it to do so. Itīs not a pure musician soundcard and itīs not a
> professional studio soundcard. But itīs got the best gaming engine
> youīll find anywhere,
> you get really good sound quality (Roj, mute the Mic input and you CAN
> get 100dB) and beginners can try an excellent ASIO implementation,
> Soundfonts, Midi etc. Btw, the drivers are the best we made so far, and
> I hate bad drivers as much as you.
> With the 1394 on top youīll never find a card like that for such a
> price.
> Sure there are better this and better that cards but: The Audigy is for
> the mass market and you all are obviously not our core target group, so
> why bother with it?
> I got an Audigy AND a Terratec EWX 24/96 and I love it.
> Rgds,
> Michael
> Creative Labs
> Central Europe