[mad-dev] libid3tag compatibility

Dominic Mazzoni dominic@minorninth.com
Tue, 02 Sep 2003 23:13:53 -0700

Recently some users of Audacity have noted that when they save ID3v2
tags, most programs do not seem to recognize them.  One user
specifically tried WinAmp 3, CDEx 1.5, Windows Media Player
6.4, and WMP 7.01.  None of them recognized any ID3v2 tags from
an MP3 file output by Audacity (which uses libid3tag).

ID3v1 tags work fine by all of those programs.

I tried the same experiment.  I tried saving some MP3 files
using the last version of Audacity (which uses libid3tag 0.14.2b)
and also a recompiled version using libid3tag 0.15.0b.  First
of all, ID3v1 tags always worked fine.

When I opened the ID3v2-tagged files using Audacity, all of the
tags loaded properly.  So clearly the tags are being written,
and libid3tag is able to open them.

iTunes also opens them and parses all of the tags correctly
on my Mac.

However, I downloaded a few id3lib-based programs for Linux,
and none of these were able to parse the ID3v2 files.  Not a
single tag.  XMMS also failed, but I'm not sure it's supposed
to have ID3v2 support.

I don't use Windows anymore, so I can't repeat the experiment
with Windows Media Player or Winamp.

If anyone's interested in the Audacity part of the code, here's
a pointer:



1. Anyone have similar experiences?  What level of support
    does most other software have for ID3v2 tags?

2. Are there any free programs out there you know of that
    write ID3v2 tags using libid3tag?  It would be nice to
    see if they have the same behavior.  It's possible that
    the bug is in Audacity.

3. Any plans to support writing older, but more compatible,
    versions of ID3 tags for better compatibility with other