LPMOO: Simulating MOO with DGD

LPMOO is a DGD-based simulation of LambdaMOO. It emulates version 1.7.8 of the MOO server, with only a few differences and a several enhancements.

At the heart of LPMOO is DGD, a relatively new flavor of interactive network server heavily influenced by LPmud. The LambdaMOO simulation is achieved through the use of DGD objects written in LPC, the internal language of DGD.


Out of date.


Source for the most recent version of LPMOO is available at ftp.ccs.neu.edu.

Future Work

MirrorMOO is the testing ground and home for future experimentation with LPMOO. It is also the official repository for several related in-MOO mailing lists, to which you are encouraged to @subscribe. You are welcome to create a character here and receive a programmer bit.